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About digifi

Founded in 2006, digifi is the brainchild of Winnipeg husband, father, entrepreneur, developer, author, composer, YouTuber, and reluctant dog-owner Clayton Rumley.

In its 17 years digifi has created amazing things and offered a variety of new media services and custom solutions to very satisified clients all over North America!

A totally accurate representation of Clayton Rumley


Today's Internet is more complex than ever before. In a short time websites have gone from repositories of static information to complex systems rivalling (and surpassing) desktop applications.

Off-the-shelf software and website design tools are okay sometimes, but there are times when you will require something custom and specific to how your business does its business. That's when you contact us.

Digifi has been pushing the envelope of custom web and software design for over 15 years and thrilling its clients!

We also provide graphic design, marketing, photography, and web hosting services. Contact us for details and a free quote.



Created in 2018, Drawn is a social artwork & animation web application that is free to use. Create, share, continue, love, and award animations along with thousands of other users.

There are over 114,000 animations and over 2,000 users. Check it out!




Currently under development, Vash is a professional-grade animation studio designed to help you create complex animations with reusable components, audio mixing, and effortless exporting to MPEG-4 format (.mp4) all within your web browser! Watch the introductory video about its creation.

If you're an animator interested in becoming an alpha or beta tester of Vash, contact us and let us know.



Lightslap is our first game for Android-powered devices, listed in the Google Play store. It is a free game where you have to tap the hands that match the current colour and see how long can you make it before too manys reach the bottom of the screen.

Visit the official website or go get it now at Google Play.



Currently under development, Quidl is a fun puzzle platformer where you play as the titular Quidl, a creature who can change the state of his body to liquid, solid, or gas to nagivate through levels.

Prototyped during the 2023 GameDev.tv Game Jam, you can play Quidl in your browser at itch.io.

Ace Brickbuster

Ace Brickbuster

A free online Arkanoid-clone created by Clayton Rumley. A wonderful example of the type of over-the-top humour and joy we take in the things we create!

Play it online here!

digifi press

Holocene Cover

Have you written a book but don't know the next step? We can help.

In 2023 digifi expanded its new media services to include book publishing under the digifi press banner. Our first title is Holocene, by Clayton Rumley.

We can handle several aspects of book publishing, from copy editing, to laying out your book for print & ebooks, to getting you set up to sell online.

Contact us for more details!


Contact digifi

We thought about putting one of those web forms with the CAPTCHA here, but we find those terribly annoying. You just want to talk to someone without having to click on all the images that contain bicycles, right?

Best thing to do is reach out to the man himself:

Email Clayton [ at digifi.ca ]